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Letters should be sent to P.O. Box 1847, Monterey, CA 93942. If you'd like a reply, kindly include a self-addressed stamped envelope

If you're a teacher and want to have an entire class write, please enclose all letters in one envelope with a single SASE and I'll happily reply with a letter to the class.


As with all copyrighted work, permission is required for its public use, except for classroom or library performances.

For my stage version of Seedfolks, contact Playscripts at info@playscripts.com

For your own stage presentations of Seedfolks, Bull Run, Joyful Noise or other of my works contact me at paul@paulfleischman.net

For Zap, contact Melanie Blais at melanie.blais@candlewick.com

For Dramatic Publishing's stage version of Seek, contact them at DramaticPb@aol.com


For inquiries about speaking, you can contact me at paul@paulfleischman.net